Launch event – 21.09.18

An interdisciplinary research event where attendees were warmly invited to present their work, meet other medical humanities scholars, and learn more about the strand. This event provided an opportunity for those working in med hums to discuss their work, hear about cognate research and develop cluster ideas.

Potential research cluster themes included, but were not limited to:

– Alcohol and addiction

– The Chronic condition

– Language, emotion and narrative in health care

– Grief

– Stigma and disability

Immediately following this event a call for 800-word research cluster funding applications was circulated (deadline 15/10/18).

The following research applications were successful in securing funding:

· Chronic Conditions and their Narratives (Co-leads: Dr Genevieve Liveley, Department of Classics and Ancient History, and Dr Maria Vaccarella, Department of English)

· Grief (Lead: Dr Jimmy Hay, Department of Film and Television)

· Illness and Health in Colonial Film Archives (Lead: Dr Jacqueline Maingard, Department of Film and Television)

· Senses (Lead: Dr Cleo Hanaway-Oakley, Department of English)

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