Networking Lunch – 12.12.18

We invited all those working in medical humanities, bioethics, anti-microbial resistance, health and law, and anyone else interested to join us at a networking lunch. These included (but were not limited to) members of the Centre for Health, Humanities and Science (CHHS), AMR Strand, B3 Strand, The Centre for Ethics in Medicine, The Centre for Health, Law, and Society. We also had a rep from the NIHR attend who shared with students and staff what help and resources they can offer to those carrying out clinical studies and trials. The cluster leads each introduced themselves and John Lee spoke about the iBAMH. Members of the public, healthcare workers, university staff and PGR students were all in attendance.

This event provided an opportunity to meet with those working or interested in finding out more about Medical Humanities, in order to nurture cross-faculty collaborations and to encourage interdisciplinary team creation.

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