PGR Workshops with Dr Victoria Bates

Dr Victoria Bates has hosted two PGR workshops in 2019, and one more is planned for 2020. The details of these workshops can be found below.

‘Connecting’ PGR workshop – 05/06/19

Victoria Bates hosted the first of three PGR training workshops on the theme of ‘Connecting’, in conjunction with the DTP. There were 11 PGR students in attendance and talks were given by Nate Eisenstadt (senior research associate in policy studies), Jen Grove (engaged research fellow) and Alexia Macdonald + Lindsay Pike (PolicyBristol Associates).

Attendees spent the morning discussing their experiences and goals, with talks, tips and activities delivered by Nate, Jen, Alexia and Lindsay. During the afternoon attendees joined a CHHS + Senses cluster event with the Science Museum. Following this, there was a drinks reception which provided opportunity for the PGR students to put into practice their ‘connecting’ skills.

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